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About Us




What we do

We manufacture precast concrete products that look good, last a long time and offer customers value for money. We stand behind our products and are proud of what we produce. We strive to grow and improve our share of the market.


We are grateful to our customers for trusting us to supply them with our products and install our product on their property.

Our customers shall expect to be treated with respect, courtesy and honesty. Our goal should be to dazzle them with service, communication and always doing the right thing even if it costs us money to honour our proposal. We do what we say we will do.

Customers are not always right, but whether they are or not, it is our job to make them feel as if they are.

After dealing with us our customers should become raving fans of our business.

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Our Team

We will all expect to be treated with respect, be able to work in a safe environment minimising the chance of injury or harm. We work without the fear of bullying, sexist or racist comments or taunts. We feel free to communicate openly and honestly so that issues are addressed, product and production are improved, mistakes and wastage are minimised. We enjoy coming to work, working together and our passion for the job will show through to our customers.

We trust our team to represent Durawall in a positive manner, do their tasks to the best of their abilities, working together to produce the highest quality products. We are all accountable for our actions.


Michael Weekes