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New height limit

Many areas close to the CBD which because of the sloped nature were previously considered unsuitable for housing development are now being developed into small housing blocks. As a result, there is a large demand for higher Engineered retaining walls. Traditional boulder walls are unsuitable due to the amount of land taken up with the large boulders and block walls are still very costly per square meter. Durawall have developed an engineered design and a safe onsite system to construct retaining walls up to 4.0m high.  Walls at this height throw up challenges onsite, from the drilling of the holes often through rock, lifting 8m steel posts into position as well as stacking the concrete sleepers into the wall. The Durawall precision fit retaining wall system is the slimmest solution for the ever-decreasing small lot sizes making sure that space is maximised. Designed to last 60 years, Durawall is the right choice to manage your retaining wall design and construction.

If you have a requirement on your next project for Engineered retaining walls up to 4.0m high, call Durawall on 07 33906407.