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Concrete Sleepers

DURAWALL concrete sleepers come in the following dimensions:


  • 1480mm x 200mm x 85mm
  • 1980mm x 200mm x 85mm
  • 2380mm x 200mm x 100mm – structural
  • 2365mm x 210mm x 65mm – for Colorbond fencing systems
  • 2980mm x 200mm x 125mm


The DURAWALL sleepers are manufactured from 40 mpa concrete. The sleepers contain either 2 or 3 x 12mm Australian steel reo bars and can be ordered with gal reo for coastal areas.



We have a range of unique sleeper designs that stand out and make a real impression. Talk to us if your project requires a unique sleeper design.

Honeycomb, Bubbles, Driftwood and Smooth

Granite stone


We have a range of colours that stands out and make a real impression.
  •   Desert Sand
  •   Light Grey
  •   Monument

Why not use our designer sleepers as randomly placed highlights. The highlight effect provides a stylish touch to any wall. Just let your imagination flow and create a beautiful effect for your next retaining wall project.


We use a penetrating sealer which gives the advantage of a true richer colour and provides a better range of colour options.

Our main colour choices are Monument, Desert Sand and Chocolate but we can source other colours if required.



For locations within 1km of the ocean, DURAWALL recommends the use of our hot dipped gal steel reo sleepers.