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Carindale – Narrow Access

Replacing Wall

This week’s challenge was a run down retaining wall in Carindale. Access was very tight with only 1.4m. Narrow access dictates the use of smaller machines which are effective but much slower so the job takes longer.

We assisted with the necessary approvals, Engineering, Council Certification as well as a Boundary Survey.

Durawall structural 2m smooth concrete sleepers were used and a timber lapped and capped fence attached.

The neighbour on the lower side was kind enough to allow us to use their yard to carry out the project. It is always a bonus when both neighbours can cooperate, the job goes smoother and saves a lot of time and money. A new retaining wall and fence benefits both neighbours putting value back into each property.

As part of the clean up we replanted, irrigated and laid new turf, mulched gardens and washed down paths. A great outcome!