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Carindale – replacing wall

Replacing Wall

Some of our jobs can be in tight situations where we need to engage the biggest machines we can to undertake the project as efficiently as possible and reduce cost.

Machinery ensures we can demolish the old retaining wall and construct the new Durawall in a timely fashion. Excavating by hand is not an option for these types of projects.

Carindale is renowned for its rocky substrate so it is important that we are able to drill to the required depth so the more horsepower the better!! We also have to mindful of minimising any collateral damage to the existing house, driveways and other structures. It is always a fine line.

This particular project required the new retaining wall be constructed behind the neighbours existing link block retaining wall. To ensure no future issues with the link block wall we drilled our piers below the bottom of the link block wall so our Durawall concrete sleeper retaining wall remained independent. This way it did not add any new load to the link block wall, ensuring no long term issues.

The Colorbond fence was then installed. Our boys cleaned up, washed all the paths and driveways and tidied up the neighbours garden.

This wall was engineered and certified. A great result!