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Oxley – limited access site

Replacing Wall

completion date
March 2014

Mr Craig Bartley

project function
24m length, 1.4m height
+ timber fencing


Durawall was engaged to remove a rotten timber retaining wall and construct a new concrete retaining wall and fence along the left side of the property.

Access on the side of the house was extremely tight. Minimal clearance between the property boundary and the house required the use of a mini excavator.

The complex site presented various construction challenges, however the owner’s are extremely pleased with not only the aesthetics of their new wall but also the extra land they are now able to utilise due to Durawall’s narrow profile.

“Thank you to you and your team. The build went fantastically well and very professional. I’ll be sure to recommend your company to anyone looking to build a wall.”
Mr Craig Bartley