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Replacing an old timber wall with a Durawall concrete sleeper retaining wall system in Forest Lake

Replacing Wall

We replace a lot of old timber walls. This one in Forest Lake was on its last legs literally as the posts had rotted out and the wall had begun to fail.

Durawall was requested to remove the old timber wall and fence, engineer, certify and install a new Durawall concrete sleeper retaining wall and timber fence.

As the combined height of the retaining wall and fence was above 2m high and within 1.5m of the house, council approval was required. We assist with, as part of our service, the council approvals providing plans and pictures to the certifiers, as well as organising site specific engineering certificates.

These days many projects have tight access, in this case less than 1.5m. We engaged a micro machine to assist us to remove the old wall, drill new holes and load the sleepers into the new posts, and finally to backfill the wall. Small machines are not as powerful so are slower than the larger machines. However, they are still effective and more efficient than doing the job by hand. For example our piers depths are measured by the height of the retaining wall plus another 600mm, so a machine is often the only way to drill holes to the required depth. The machine also lifts the sleepers into place. As each sleeper weighs 80 kg it is safer and reduces the chance of workplace injuries for our staff.

We do make a mess when constructing retaining walls, there is no avoiding it. We always tidy up, level ground and take away our rubbish, but in this case we were engaged to rehabilitate the side of the home. We re-laid the pavers, installed new gravel and washed everything down in readiness for new tenants moving in. What a difference!!

Installing a Durawall will make a huge difference to the appeal and value of your home.