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Replacing an old retaining wall

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Replacing an old retaining wall

You may be sitting at home looking at an old and tired timber retaining wall just like the one in the picture and thinking how the hell am I going to get this fixed…

Let me explain, it’s not that daunting

Here is an example of how we handled this project.

Durawall was contacted through our website requesting a free measure and quote. We do our best to make contact with you within 24 hours. We will phone you, introduce ourselves, asking questions and if required make an appointment to meet at your home so we can ascertain what needs to be done to move forward.  No two retaining walls are the same. Not so hard right?

We like to meet you and if your husband, wife, partner is also present that is good too. We ask lots of questions and gather the information we need to put together our proposal for you.

Whilst onsite with you we will discuss the need to certify the wall if its height is over 1.0m high or combined retaining wall and fence height is over 2.0m high, as well as the need to survey the boundary if the new wall is to be built there. The council does require a new retaining wall to be certified even if you are just replacing the old one. A site plan of your home is also handy to have too. We can then identify where the council infrastructure is located ie Sewage and Stormwater so that we can address with council.  Access issues are addressed and we will run through the process of the project so that you know what’s installed. Removing and reconstructing a new retaining wall can make a mess of your yard but we have options to reinstate your yard so it recovers quickly after we have completed your new retaining wall. Easy!

Within 48 hours you will have your proposal. If you wish to move forward with our recommendations, we will request written quotes from the certifier and surveyor so you know exactly what the project budget will be.

You’re ready to go!

A small deposit is paid, Master Builder paperwork is completed, the certifier and surveyor are engaged. This can take up to 6 -10 weeks depending on council enthusiasm! This can be frustrating as we have no control over this process.

Once we have approval, you are advised of an approximate start date. On the day our install team will arrive introduce themselves and start work.

It takes around a week for the average retaining wall to be demolished and the new retaining wall installed. The fence another 2-3 days and then a day to clean up. At this job, we laid new turf  and new concrete path and put back the paver garden edge to finish. Beautiful!

Renewing your existing fence and retaining wall is not as hard as you may think. We do all of the work for you! So contact us now to start your new retaining wall and fence.