Durawall driftwood concrete sleepers colour display
About Durawall

Durawall Coloured Sleepers

Durawall coloured sleepers add another beautiful dimension to any retaining wall project or outdoor setting, unique designs that can be used as highlights in a retaining wall or as a complete wall.

Durawall concrete sleeper new designs
About Durawall

New designs are here

Durawall has introduced new unique concrete sleeper designs that make a real impression.

Durawall retaining wall driftwood design concrete sleepers in Narangba
About Durawall

New Look! Driftwood

Durawall “Driftwood” series concrete sleepers, the ultimate subtle woodgrain appearance. Timeless relaxed design adding a beautiful natural touch to any retaining wall project.

Durawall retaining wall above 3 metres Hatton Vale service centre
About Durawall

New Height Limit

Durawall have developed an engineered design and a safe onsite system to construct concrete sleeper retaining walls up to 4.0m high.

Durawall completed retaining wall at Wishart
About Durawall

A new exciting time at Durawall

Currently we are looking at a new architectural range to meet the demands of beautification in homes. So watch out for bubbles, lines, leaves and more inspired designs.

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