Custom coloured sleepers – not just standard!

The beauty of sealing sleepers is that there are a whole range of colours to choose so you can create a beautiful look to your project.

Durawall can match your sleepers to the colour scheme of your home or building. Whether it is from the Colorbond palette or a colour recommended by your colour consultant, Durawall can come to the party.

Sealed sleepers look better for longer. The sealer penetrates the substrate of the sleeper ensuring a long term hard wearing finish.  The colours stay bright, glossy and true for longer than mixing pigments into the concrete mix.

Here are some sleepers sealed in Windspray and Paperbark. So if you are looking for something other than our standard colours (Monument, Chocolate, Desert Sand), please call us.

Durawall concrete sleepers windspray colour
Durawall concrete sleepers paperbark colour
Durawall concrete sleepers colour range

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