At Durawall our team of professional QBCC licensed installers specialise solely in installing retaining walls and we are experts at what we do. We have completed numerous residential and commercial projects over the years and you can view some of them here.

We are there from start to completion!

From manufacturing our sleepers, organising council approvals, installing our precision fit wall system and optional fence on top, cleaning up and restoring the landscaping, Durawall handles the complete process from start to completion.

We always take great pride to make sure that each job is done to the highest standard and the site is left level, neat and tidy.

It’s the little things that make the difference between a good job and a job that stands out!


If it’s time to replace your old and tired timber retaining wall like the one in the picture, you may be thinking where do I start? It only takes one call to Durawall.

We have the extensive experience, the skilled manpower and the engineered system to complete your retaining wall project.

We are there from start to the finish. It’s what we do!

Durawall retaining wall replacement of fallen timber fence before photo
Durawall retaining wall replacement with timber fence after photo


Take a look at the action footage taken at one of our job sites at Tarragindi. It gives you an idea of the process involved in the construction of a Durawall concrete sleeper retaining wall.


Durawall replaced retaining wall with concrete sleepers and timber fence

Replacing an old wall

Need to replace a rotten timber retaining wall with a durable and maintenance free solution?

Residential new build

Just bought a block of land? Or would you like to level off your yard to provide more usable space for an extension or outdoor living and recreational area?

Durawall residential concrete sleeper retaining wall project
Durawall commercial concrete sleeper retaining wall project

Commercial applications

When it comes to choosing the best retaining wall solution for your client’s property or commercial premises the Durawall concrete sleeper retaining wall system is hard to beat!


The Durawall concrete sleeper retaining wall can easily be installed by yourself thanks to the slim profile and simple design.

We’ve prepared a useful guide for you to download or give us a call if you need more information.


Most frequently asked questions

The benefits of using a Durawall concrete sleeper retaining wall are numerous:

Durable – it will last at least 4 times longer than a timber wall

Maintenance free – concrete sleepers will not rot, burn, warp, split or flake and is resistant to termites/white ants

Although you will pay a little extra upfront, the cost difference is insignificant over the life of the product. It’s a big job to remove a failed retaining wall…do it right the first time!

Our standard concrete sleeper retaining wall system is engineered to reach a height of 4m high.

They are manufactured from 40mpa industrial strength, steel reinforced, premium concrete. Essentially 2 times the strength of driveway concrete!!

Council requires that any walls over 1m in height or a combined retaining wall and fence 2m or over require a building approval. Furthermore, any retaining wall that is less than 1.5m away from a building or other retaining wall also requires approval.

Our experienced team can handle the complete process including council approvals, removing your existing wall and installing a new Durawall concrete sleeper retaining wall so you can enjoy complete peace of mind every step of the way.

In general, if your wall needs council approval, you need engineering.

The Durawall concrete sleeper retaining wall system has a standard engineered design which reduces the cost for you.

YES, due to the slim profile and simple design it can easily be installed by yourself.  Feel free to ask us for advice.

Yes, the Durawall retaining wall system has been designed to handle the attachment of a fence, either Colorbond or timber. We stock fence brackets that directly attach to the steel posts allowing an easy fence addition. We recommend increasing the hole depth by 600mm to allow for fence load.

The Durawall concrete sleeper retaining wall has been engineered to last 60 years *

*excludes the previous design 1440 x 200 x 55 sleeper and concrete post system which has since been discontinued.

We use a penetrating sealer which gives the advantage of a true richer colour and provides a better range of colour options.

Our main colour choices are Monument, Chocolate and Wheat but we can source other colours if required.

You can rest assured that your coloured Durawall retaining wall remains a maintenance free product!

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