Concrete Sleepers


Durawall concrete sleepers are manufactured from 40mpa concrete and reinforced with 2 x N12 reo bars.

For locations within 1km of the ocean we recommend the use of our hot dipped gal steel reo sleepers.

Our structural concrete sleepers come in several sizes – 1.48m, 1.98m, 2.38m, 2.98m

We also have a 2.365m sleeper suitable for under Colorbond fencing systems.

See below pricing table for our current range and dimensions.

Come and visit us at our site in Murarrie to have a look at the display.

Design Range

We have a range of unique sleeper designs that stand out and make a real impression.

Our current range includes smooth concrete, driftwood and granite stone.

Talk to us if your project requires a unique sleeper design.

Durawall concrete sleepers in smooth grey design
smooth grey
Durawall concrete sleepers in driftwood grey design
driftwood grey
Durawall concrete sleepers in granite stone grey design
granite stone grey
Concrete sleepers in hampton stone design
**NEW** hampton stone grey

Colour Options

We use a penetrating sealer which gives the advantage of a true richer colour and provides a better range of colour options.

Our main colour choices are Monument and Wheat. 

We can source other colours if required.

Durawall concrete sleepers display in monument colour
monument colour
Durawall concrete sleepers display in wheat colour
wheat colour


Retail pricing for Durawall Brisbane only

All prices excluding GST

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