Concrete Wheel Stops

1650mm x 150mm x 100mm
$43.50 + gst

Durawall Concrete Wheel Stops are manufactured from 40mpa concrete and reinforced with 2 x 12mm reo bars and they comply to Australian Standards AS 289.1 – 2004

Installation is by two wheel stop fixings which we also stock:

12mm diameter x 300mm Gal Pins for asphalt

16mm Dyna Bolts for concrete

Pick up directly from our yard in Acacia Ridge or delivery options available in Brisbane and across Queensland and NSW.

Durawall concrete wheel stop 1650 x 150 x 100

Concrete Wheel Stop

1650mm x 150mm x 100mm
2xN12 40mpa

$43.50 + gst

weight 54kg

wheel stop gal pin 12mm x 300mm

Gal Pin

12mm x 300mm
used for asphalt

$3.50 + gst

*two fixings are required*

wheel stop dyna bolt 16mm

Dyna Bolt

used for concrete

$3.50 + gst

*two fixings are required*

Durawall concrete wheelstops on a pallet
Durawall concrete wheel stops installed in Braemer parking lot
Durawall concrete wheelstops with fixing spike