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Eatons Hill

Replacing Wall

Durawall recently completed a replacement retaining wall project on the north side of Brisbane. As can be seen from the following pictures there were some challenges. The side retaining wall was to be replaced as well as the rear retaining wall which was up to 1.6m high. There was very limited and tight space down the left side of the house for machine access, as well as a massive slope at the rear of the property where it was impossible to stand on the lower side of the retaining wall let alone safely work there. We attacked the rear retaining wall first by constructing the new wall in front of the existing so we could maintain a safe work platform for the machine and our staff. Our Engineer designed the wall with the slope in mind by going deeper with our piers. After completing the rear wall we were able to replace the side retaining wall working our way out to the front. Tight access restricts the size of the machine that can be immobilised meaning less power and speed to drill holes and backfill the walls. This adds time which in turn adds to the cost of these types of projects, however there is sometimes no other option. A lot of walls require careful and thoughtful planning. Our team of specialists always endeavour to find positive outcomes for every challenging project.