Arana Hills – replacing wall

This project we recently completed at Arana Hills involved removing an old timber retaining wall that had failed and installing a new Durawall concrete sleeper retaining wall. When an old retaining wall fails, it often causes a ripple effect. Concrete paths move away from the home and pull hotwater systems, airconditioning units and stormwater pipes away from their mounts, breaking plumbing connections. A broken stormwater pipe causes more damage to the retaining wall as when it rains the water flows in behind the wall causing it to deteriorate quicker. This is exactly what happened here.

As part of the project we reconnected the broken stormwater pipes so it doesn’t happen again. Part of our service included organising the engineering and certification of the retaining wall and fence due to the combined height being over 2.0m high. We are also grateful for the neighbours allowing us access to their driveway to carry out works. This makes a huge difference to ease of carrying out works and reduces the cost. We always clean up and water blast paths and driveways leaving the job clean and tidy.

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