About Durawall

Durawall pouring concrete into sleeper moulds manufacturing process

Manufacturing Concrete Sleepers

Durawall has been handcrafting concrete sleepers for over 10 years. Our sleepers are manufactured to an engineered design so that they last the required 60 years, reduce the chances of cracking and look fantastic for years to come.

Durawall concrete sleepers quality assurance testing

Quality Assurance

As part of our Durawall Quality Assurance, we have our concrete batches regularly tested by an independent tester who comes to our yard to conduct slump and strength tests.

Durawall concrete sleepers at narangba development aerial view

We Supply Direct

Durawall is involved in many development projects. Not only do we have our own installation teams, we also supply concrete sleepers and galvanised steel posts to large civil contractors like Urban Retaining Walls.

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