Manufacturing Concrete Sleepers

Durawall has been handcrafting concrete sleepers since 2010. We have unique designs only available from us. Our sleepers are manufactured to an engineered design so that they last the required 60 years, reduce the chances of cracking and look fantastic for years to come.

Every day our crew clean and prepare our moulds for production. The moulds are cleaned, sprayed with a release agent, reo steel is precisely placed into each one ensuring that each sleeper is exactly the same.

Our concrete formula has been specifically designed by technical specialists and is independently tested regularly to ensure consistency and that the performance criteria is being met.

Each sleeper is released and checked by our staff and allowed to cure before being sent to our many customers. Our boys take pride in their work and it reflects in the quality of our sleepers. We are grateful to all our current and past customers for their continued support.

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