Colorbond Fencing and Durawall – a perfect match

Colorbond type fencing is becoming popular due to its long life compared with traditional timber fencing. It comes in great colours, is easy to install and, for its expected lifespan, it is economical too.

When constructed, a timber sleeper is often installed at the bottom of the fence for a mowing edge or due to the fence profile being square and sometimes a gap appears if the land slopes away or is uneven. The sleeper also gives a buffer from the build up of garden soil and mulch on the fence stopping potential breakdown of the colorbond. Unfortunately a timber sleeper will rot out in approx. 5 years and need to be replaced. This requires the fence to be dismantled for the sleeper to be replaced. The idea of the colorbond fence is to be maintenance free for at least 30 plus years.

Durawall has a great concrete sleeper specifically designed for this application. It is the correct length for a standard panel, thinner than a traditional structural sleeper and rebated so that it slides into the colorbond fence post and creates a neat, long lasting solution….a perfect match!

Durawall concrete sleepers for under colorbond fencing
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