Hemmant – Hampton stone concrete sleepers

From experience, hardwood timber retaining walls have on average an 18-20 year lifespan. This one in Hemmant was about 20 years old and failed suddenly after a rain event. Some walls fail without warning as this one did, others start to fail over time.

Durawall was engaged to design, engineer and certify a new wall. It generally takes approx. 3-4 months at the moment for the approval. Once received we jumped onto it quickly as the wall was deemed dangerous and our clients have kids and dogs, so we wanted to make it safe for them.

All the timber posts were rotted at the base and broke off easily, so it was well and truly ready to be replaced. As this wall was up to 2m high, larger gauge steel posts were used as part of our standard design. We installed our new unique Hampton Stone concrete sleepers which give the wall a beautiful look and texture. We are also installing a new fence, side panel and gate which we are completing now.

If you have an older timber wall, it may be an idea to start planning for its replacement now before it fails.

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