Building a retaining wall on a boundary

A big part of our work is for clients that are rebuilding a new home on an old block. They are often narrow blocks where every centimetre matters. We try to build as close to the boundary to maximise the land. Retaining walls need to be built on one side of the boundary unless both neighbours agree.

In this case we had to offset the wall from the existing wall taking into account the surcharge of that wall in the design. Unfortunately a small amount of land is lost but there is no choice unless the existing wall is removed and a completely new wall is built for both properties, this is a very expensive exercise.

We coordinate with the builder as it is very important for their scheduling of their trades. We work with good builders that assist the clients with certification of the whole project so that it saves them time and money. It is a better result for the client. That is always our focus. They will have a flat backyard to their new stunning home.

We are the new build specialists!

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