Retaining wall for new house build in Parkinson

Recent completion of a Durawall concrete sleeper retaining wall at Parkinson for a new house build. We worked with the client to have the wall completed before the construction of their new home really took off. It is always quicker and cheaper to construct the retaining walls before the house is built. Sometimes access becomes tight after the house is constructed limiting the machine size we can use, which ends up costing more. The retaining wall was engineered to have a new fence attached to it.

Be mindful when building a new home that you may need retaining walls. Find a contractor quickly, as leaving it until you’re ready to start building can be an issue. At this point most retaining wall contractors including us have long lead times, which have been made worse with delays caused from labour shortages, material delays, COVID and the recent wet weather event.  

It is best to make a move to lock in a contractor as soon as you start planning your build or you may need an extension of time with your builder. Check your building contract as some builders may charge a penalty if you delay the start date of your build.

Durawall are specialists in new projects!

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